Marketing as a Service

With experienced, IT Specialist marketeers, Exelarate is able to offer a comprehensive marketing service. 

Specialising in multi-dimensional marketing over medium to long-term engagement (6 months is a suggested minimum term), our service includes:

  • integration to existing websites (or development of new sites)
  • structured interaction with social media 
  • targeted eshot and call out campaigns, tightly focussed on opportunity prospects rather than adopting a scattergun approach to all-comers

Everything we do is designed to raise profile and spark discussion, through presenting coherent and consistent messaging.

We aim to develop a information feed which your audience can trust to inform them of the latest technology news, curate the best articles and to cherry-pick information relevant to them. In this way we elevate marketing beyond simple product or sales pitch and help develop opinion leading to strategy decisions, product preference, and to begin the decision-making process. 

For vendors, it means coherent strategic campaigning, using multi-touch to develop and progress opportunities effectively over months and quarters rather than taking a scatter gun approach over days or weeks. 

For resellers, our strategy means a multi-vendor marketing strategy, continuing all year, weaving vendor product pitches into an ongoing wider dialogue. 

Our team is vendor aligned and familiiar with vendor campaign planning meaning that we can ensure that best use is made of vendor resources which can be intgegrated into your wider campaign. We are also well versed in MDF mechanisms which means that we are able to help you maximise available funding contributions.

Talk to us about how we can help.