Exelarate is the UK's primary distribution partner for Actifio. 

A unique solution for data storage, Actifio is rewriting the rulebook on Copy Data Management. 

Actifio’s copy data virtualization platform changes the perspective on data management, away from a storage and infrastructure-centric viewpoint, towards enabling a catalog of data services. With Actifio, a rich set of SLAs – policy templates that define the lifecycle of data – can be defined generically, and then applied to specific applications, file systems, databases, and even individual VMs to enable a wide variety of copy data services.

Actifio can span use cases, from data protection to disaster recovery, warehousing, migration, and more. They can also span geographies, from cloud vaulting to remote office data centralization and multi-hop replication, span storage tiers, from flash-based performance tiers to dense, low-performance disk drives. And, finally, data services can span business models, from enabling Cloud Service Providers to offer services to their customer, to instrumenting internal Enterprise IT-as-a-Service initiatives.

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