Want to Break into the UK and Ireland Market?

Building a following, establishing a market-leading product propositon and gaining traction in your home territory is challenging. 

Taking that proposition to a foreign territory such as the UK and Ireland can be prohibitive to say the least. Cultural differences, times zones and sheer cost all cause issues. 

Our core proposition helps emerging technology providers to break into the UK market place. Our focus on finding the correct partners, not just a cast of thousands, enables us to focus your resources with those areas which are most likely to bring results.  

Traditional distribution partners may have scale but they do little to help develop markets. open signifcant pipeline or close early business on which to build a foothold for future profitable business. Our proposition is quite different. We call it Channel-Lead Distribution. 


  • it provides fast and immediate access to end user opportunity 
  • utilises our extensive networks to find appropriate partners and new opportunities
  • uses our experience, approach and IP to gain commitment and structure effective relationships
  • uses our focus to drive engagement and opportunity
  • allows prospective resellers to prove the model before progressing to a more strategic alliance  
  • while it requires focussed effort to establish the network it doesn’t require significant long term up front investment in channel management and development teams, on either side 
  • it creates the opportunity to utilise the reseller’s existing client base

Using our resources, market knowledge and contacts list can significantly accellerate the process of opening a business in the UK and Ireland and enable your business to gain early traction. 

  • experience in channel recruitment and development – opportunity to leverage our skills and structures without building from scratch 
  • strong personal networks in the channel 
  • focus and bandwidth – as and when needed during period of growth and investment
  • frees up your in-country team to focus where they are needed – in end user sales 
  • the independent approach, which we have seen from previous projects, is viewed positively by potential partners, signals vendor commitment and creates a “special” feel

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