Meet the Directors


Lindsay Nichol

Lindsay joined us in 2012 having worked with Exelarate as a cornerstone partner to her growth strategies during her executive role in UK and European distribution.

An experienced and recognised business leader, Lindsay created both the IBM and EMC business at Arrow ECS  building them from their beginnings to established market leading enterprises turning over in excess of £180m pa.

Starting her sales career in IT with IBM, Lindsay enjoyed many successes and became the first lady to 10 x consecutive Sales “Clubs” with “Big Blue”.

Helping organisations to transform, whether large or small, is at the heart of what she does best, developing processes, offerings or people. A skilled negotiator with a wise instinct for timing, she is known for her ability to articulate a clear vision across an organisation and notably for her track record in creating and developing successful teams both within and across organisations.

Working with Exelarate, whether as distributor or developer, provides the ideal platform to create sales and leadership strategies which ensure our clients achieve their fullest potential in our ever changing IT marketplace.

Lindsay's Superpowers: Solution Sales, Business Transformation, Strategy for Growth

Peter Raybaud

Peter has held a variety of roles working chiefly within channel. Peter has worked with/for blue chip organisations such as HP, Microsoft and IBM, and with major distributors, consistently overachieving, moving through the ranks of each organisation to major sales and management positions.

Peter also has a wealth of experience in interim management and consultancy roles focusing on sales, relationship building, marketing and overall change, growth and development activities making his input to any evolving business invaluable.

Peter’s academic qualifications centred around Mechanical and Production Engineering. This underpins his business style with strong values on planning, control and management of situations and relationships.

With 30+ years in the IT Industry, Peter brings experience and knowledge spanning the key changes that have occurred in the IT marketplace. Taking this knowledge and applying it constructively to current situations is a strong feature of the work that he delivers to past and existing clients, whether in consulting and business development or within distribution. 

Peter established Exelarate with Kevin in order to take advantage of these skills and knowledge. Then, as now, the intention was offer these skills to organisations looking to develop their client/customer base, working with major vendors, developing partner growth and building development programmes.

In his spare time he is a keen golfer and also enjoys hot and sunny holidays.

Peter's Superpowers: Business Evolution, Interim Management, Process Management

Kevin Drew

Kevin started his career in the end user community, working up from the ‘shop floor’ of operations to become Head of IT. During this time Kevin worked for a number of different sized organisations; Ferranti, Estee Lauder, Richardson Vicks, Proctor & Gamble. The management skills gained during this phase of his career proved invaluable throughout.

The journey through the end user world, which included some ‘industry first implementations’ of the time, raised Kevin’s profile alongside the fact that he sat on a number of advisory bodies, this exposure opened his eyes to the wider support market and opportunities he foresaw.

After 12 years as an ‘end user’ Kevin moved into the reseller world and successfully created a number of reseller businesses, ranging from hardware/software resell to full development and services organisations.

Whilst enjoying the 'management' aspects of his roles, Kevin’s real desire lay in the ‘business development’ area, using his skills, expertise and knowledge to help things grow quickly with solid (not bloated) processes. This led Kevin into his ‘final’ career identifying, working alongside and growing a network of young organisations, each specialising in subject matter excellence.

A captain of the industry, Kevin is widely known and recognised by reseller owners and top level management within blue-chip organisations. He has been part of executive steering groups within IBM, both in the UK and worldwide and has an enviable network of contacts spanning the globe.

Kevin's Superpowers: Thought Leadership, Power Networking, Business Strategy