About Us

Exelarate was formed to fill a market niche providing consultative, board level support to vendors and resellers. 

Formed by three highly experienced IT Professionals, Exelarate founders offer more than a century of commercial experience between them, having developed major reseller businesses, held board level posts within major manufacturers, distributors and resellers and advised the largest players in the IT marketplace. 

Our clients use us to:

  • set new strategy
  • drive new direction
  • enter new markets
  • transform sales teams
  • reassess business priorities
  • restructure operations for better profitability, better efficiency and to save money
  • enhance reseller, vendor and distributor relationships
  • use our network of contacts to open opportunities and to kick start pipeline and results

You can't train or manufacture deep understanding of how the IT marketplace works - it comes from lifetimes walking the walk, spotting the bear-traps and falling into a few. 

Exelarate is therefore uniquely placed to offer this incredible expertise to resellers, distributors and vendors. 

Meet the Directors